FC Cartagena 1-4 FC Barcelona 08.12.13


Pique :“ I understand what Tello and Montoya said, but this is Barça . The exit doors are open for whoever is not happy.“

Pique : We need to grow in confidence. We have the ability to get up fast.“

Piqué: „It is impossible to be 100% in every match.“

Pique :“ Athletic Bilbao is one of best teams in the league , its normal to lose against them.“

Pique: „The team is fine, the two defeats were different, saw Athletic game again. We lack confidence when we concede first.“

Pique: „You can’t press for 90 minutes, no team can. In previous years, we had more possession and we could rest while having the ball.“

Pique: „People shouldn’t compare with the past, with the team that won 6 trophies in one year. As Tito said, we’d lose every comparison.“

Pique: “ Puyol? he is the best Center Back in the last decade , by far. „

Piqué: „Martino has adapted to the way we train, but also leaves his stamp“

Klingt doch eigentlich alles wie immer…

Kann mir eventuell jemand sagen mit wem man die Truppe aus Cartagena vergleichen kann ?
3 Liga Spanien ist doch nicht dasselbe Niveau wie 3 Liga Deutschland oder ???