FC Barcelona 2-0 Athletic Bilbao 13.08.14


Enriques Worte nach dem Spiel:

Luis Enrique: „Satisfied with both defense and attack. The attitude of the players was excellent.“

Luis Enrique: „Line-up? I’ve many options, it’s like picking tomatos. Won’t explain my choices here, rarely explain them to players either“

Luis Enrique: „Rakitic more on the wing? We have different options. I’m not that stupid that I will explain here the reason for my choices.“

Luis Enrique: „We can play more on possession, wa can be more vertical. Sometimes we are too vertical, but that doesn’t bother me too much.“

Luis Enrique: „The tactical awareness of Busquets has surprised me. He knows what to do at every moment. Best in the world at his position.“

Luis Enrique: „I see Messi training every day and he does things you can’t even see in Captain Tsubasa (animation series) or on PlayStation“

Cooler und treffender kann man nicht antworten. Vor allem beim Zitat um Messi musste ich lachen. :lol: