Daniel Alves da Silva


Danis PK:

– „Will I stay next season? Don’t know. Now I only think about the two finals. After that, I will announce my decision.“
– „Already made my decision? No, not yet. I’m considering some options. After the CL final, I will decide and announce it.“
– „I didn’t want to talk, but many lies have been spread. They said I only think about money, but it’s not like that.“
– „Club have valued me enough? No, I don’t feel they’ve valued me enough. And if you feel like that, you have to make a decision.“
Alves (refuses to answer question from Madrid propaganda paper): „Feel sorry for you (journalist), but not answering questions from Marca.“
– „I still want to stay here, but not an any price. And I’m not talking about money but about respect.
– „Club at the start didn’t want me to continue, they only want it in last 3-4 months, they say my performances have improved.“
– „Staying or not, Barça will always be in my heart, because these have been the best years in my life.“
– „When watching Cuatro (Madrid propaganda tv), I feel ashamed in their place. We won Liga and they still talked about Madrid’s CL win“
– „The coach lets me play because I work very hard, not because I’m the most handsome one – although I am… (laughs)“
– „I will make a decision after the CL final. I won’t wait until the presidential elections, although a candidate talked with me.“
– „At this moment, staying is ruled out? At this moment, yes. We’ll see later what happens. I’m out with one and a half foot now
– „The president knows what he has to do for me to stay. We’ll see if he does it.
– „PSG is an option? No, they are not.“

Dani nimmt absolut kein Blatt vor den Mund und sagt was Sache ist. So muss es sein.
Tja, Bartomeu steht jetzt unter Zugzwang. Entweder man erfüllt Dani’s Forderungen oder er ist weg, was einer halben Katastrophe gleichen würde, wenn ihr mich fragt.

Dani muss bleiben.