FC Barcelona 2-1 CD Leganés 19.02.17


Ich will jetzt nicht voll spamen aber für manche, die keine Twitter nutzen, kopiere ich paar Interviews (mit ein paar Kommentare von mir :-) hier rein:

Ter Stegen: „Whistles from the stands? No, I don’t understand it. I think all the players that were playing tried their best“ #fcblive

Ter Stegen: „The game got complicated in the end but we’re happy because we scored later on & have taken 3 points, that is what matters.“

Robert Fernandez: „It’s hard for us to win matches, football is very complicated. Only the ones out on the pitch know exactly“ #fcblive
(Natürlich haben die Fans wenig Ahnung über Fußball)

R.Fernandez: „The players suffer (when there are whistles), so we don’t award it any importance“ #fcblive

Robert Fernandez: „Criticism on Gomes? He has very good characteristics but he will need more time on the pitch to adapt“ #fcblive

R.Fernandez: „Subbing Gomes? These are coach’s decisions, we must respect them, if (Lucho) plays him it’s because he can contribute to team“

L.E: „Whistles on Gomes? I don’t understand whistling a player of your team, doesn’t make sense, but everyone has a right to their opinion.“

Luis Enrique: „We knew that it would be complicated, we controlled match but after the CL we lacked confidence at times even after our goal“
(Ich glaube, da hat jmd „The Kickers mit Captain Tsubasa“ nebenbei geguckt. Wann haben wir ein Spiel zuletzt dominiert.)

Luis Enrique: „The situation is what it is, I understand the criticism towards me after the difficult game in Paris“ #fcblive

Luis Enrique: „I see an irreproachable attitude in my players. The win will give us confidence to improve in the future“ #fcblive